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Atlantic City, New Jersey 2018-07-26 – Christos Argiriou was re-elected President of AHEPA Canada to serve a second term at the conclusion of the annual AHEPA Family Supreme Convention at Atlantic City on July 26, 2018. He represents Canada on the Supreme Lodge of the AHEPA and serves as the chief spokesman for AHEPA in Canada. He will work closely with the newly-elected Supreme President of AHEPA George E. Loucas. He also represents AHEPA in the Metropolitan Council of the Greek Orthodox Church in Canada.

During his first term Christos travelled wide and far. Among his many visits, he participated in the 3rd American Hellenic and American Jewish Leadership Mission to Greece, Israel and Cyprus as well as the 90th Ahepa Annual Leadership Excursion to Greece, Cyprus and the Ecumenical Patriarchate in Constantinople, Turkey.

Christos Argiriou is a respected business man who is based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Born in Kerkini near Serres, the province of Macedonia in Greece, he immigrated at an early age to Canada to join his siblings in Toronto. He begun his career in real estate sales in Toronto and subsequently moved to Winnipeg where he engaged in the restaurant business and real estate development and management in Western Canada.  

Christos joined the Winnipeg Chapter of AHEPA in 1992. In 2014 he was elected President of the Polikos Aster AHEPA Chapter of Winnipeg where he tripled the membership. In May 2015 he was elected Lieutenant Governor of the Royal Canadian AHEPA District 24 and in May 2016 was elected Governor of District 24 which encompasses the provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta and re-activated the Saskatoon Chapter.

“I am humbled by the responsibility of this high office to lead the oldest and largest grassroots heritage volunteer organization of the Greek Diaspora in Canada which this year completed 90 years of service” Christos said at his installation ceremony. “Thank you all for the love, and confidence that you have shown me, I will continue my mission with the same vigour and humility” he concluded.

Present during the installation were Past Canadian President of AHEPA Ken Matziorinis, Past Canadian President and Chairman of the AHEPA Board of Trustees Nick Aroutzidis, Past Canadian President Anthony Mavromaras, District 23 Governor Emmanuel Constas, District 23 Governor of the DOP Dr. Xanthe Vafopoulou, District 23 Lieutenant Governor, Anastasios Moussas, District 23 Secretary James Hutchison, District 23 VP Hellenism Byron Yankou, Montreal DOP Chapter President Georgia Tridimas, and Christos’ brother Thanasis Argiriou among other Canadians. Also present at the investiture were the newly elected Grand Vice President of the DOP Celia Kachmarski from Edmonton, newly elected Grand President of the MOA, Tatiana Tsaprailis from Calgary and newly elected Supreme Treasurer of the SOP Timothy Noitsis from Toronto.

Established in Atlanta GA in 1922 AHEPA is the largest and oldest grass roots volunteer heritage organization of the Greek Diaspora around the world. In Canada AHEPA was established in Toronto in 1928 with 15 chapters across Canada. The AHEPA Family is comprised of four allied organizations, the Daughters of Penelope (DOP) and the Junior Orders of the Sons of Pericles (SOP) and the Maids of Athena (MOA).

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AHEPA Canada, Christos Argiriou

Canadian President of AHEPA Christos Argiriou with newly elected
Supreme President of AHEPA George E. Loucas and Past Canadian President Ken Matziorinis

AHEPA Canada, Christos Argiriou

Christos Argiriou invested with the Jewels of his Office by
Past Supreme President Dr. John Grossomanides

AHEPA Canada, Christos Argiriou

The newly elected Supreme Lodge of AHEPAFrom L-R Louis Atsaves, Supreme Counselor, George Horiates,
Supreme Secretary, Christos Argiriou, Canadian President, Supreme Presidet, George E. Loucas, Supreme Vice-President Jimmy Kokotas, Supreme Treasurer, George Bouras and Supreme Governor Peter Nassos; Standing behind are Sandy Papadopoulos, Sons National Advisor,
Jack Isaac,  Craig Theros, Peter Lekas, Wynn Storton, George Papaspirou, Chris Atsaves,
Supreme Athletic Director,
Phanos Pitiris and George Karatzia.

AHEPA Canada, Christos Argiriou

Canadian President Christos Argiriou with Celia Kachmarski, Grand Vice-President of the DOP,
Tatiana Tsaprailis, Grand President of the MOA and Supreme Treasurer of the SOP Timothy Noitsis.

AHEPA Canada, Christos Argiriou

The Canadian Family:

From L-R: Dr. Xanthe Vafopoulou, District 23 Governor, DOP, Dr. Ken Matziorinis, PCP, Timothy Noitsis, SOP Supreme Treasurer, Celia Kachmarski, Grand Vice-President of the DOP, Tatiana Tsaprailis, Grand President of the MOA, Christos Argiriou, Canadian President of AHEPA, Georgia Tridimas, Montreal Chapter President of the DOP, George Albanis (Calgary), Thanasis Argiriou (Winnipeg), Eleni Agas (Toronto), Fotini Caragiannis (Montreal) and District 23 Secretary and Montreal AHEPA Chapter Vice-President James Hutchison.